Utah’s Largest Healthcare Provider Authorizes Medical Marijuana Recommendations

Utah’s largest healthcare provider has authorized its doctors to recommend the use of medical marijuana for their patients, according to media reports. Intermountain Healthcare announced on Thursday that it has established a system to issue recommendation letters to patients with qualifying health conditions who could benefit from cannabis.

Mark Briesacher, the Intermountain chief physician executive, said that the company’s healthcare providers have prepared to discuss medical marijuana with patients who ask for a recommendation.

“We’re ready for patients to meet with their physicians, their nurse practitioners, physicians assistants, and begin the conversation around, ‘Is medical cannabis something that I should consider? Is this something given my health conditions, do you think this might help?”’ Briesacher said.

Briesacher noted that Intermountain took input from patients, families, advocates, doctors, nurses, and pharmacists to create its medical marijuana policy. He said that..

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Man Arrested After Offering Weed Wax in Exchange for Fast Food Delivery on Facebook

By any measure, a gram of wax is a solid deal for a double quarter-pounder, two fries, and two large sodas. For 22-year-old Brian Starliper of Idaho Falls, convenience—and the possibility of making a new friend—outweighed cost. “I’m too lazy to get up and go to McDonald’s myself tbh,” Starliper wrote on Facebook. But Facebook, tbh, is crawling with snitches. And somebody tipped off the Idaho Falls Police Department about Starliper’s offer. That tip led to a search warrant which led to a pair of arrests and a long docket of charges. And that’s why it’s not a good idea to talk about weed on Facebook in Idaho.

Who Snitched on the Brian Starliper’s Incredible Wax-for-Fast Food Offer?
Cannabis prices can vary substantially, especially in a place with no legal market. Idaho is one of the few remaining states in the country where cannabis is fully illegal. No medical–not even any decriminalization measures–but plenty of harsh sentences. Possess less than three ounces for personal use, and yo..

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