Medical Cannabis Convenience Store Opens in Maine

After voters approved adult-use cannabis legalization in 2016, Maine lawmakers haven’t let outgoing Gov. Paul LePage’s veto power stand in the way of the will of the People. Back in May, state legislators overrode LePage’s veto of a bill legalizing adult-use retail sales. And in July, they overrode the governor’s veto of a medical marijuana program expansion. With many of the restrictions placed on caregivers and dispensaries lifted by the new bill, Maine’s medical cannabis industry has more freedom to operate—and innovate. And one Portland, Maine caregiver is already taking advantage of the new rules, using an old walk-in cooler to convert a convenience store into the state’s first combination gas station and medical cannabis dispensary.

Maine MMJ Patients Can Now Gas Up and Grass Up at Atlantic Farms Gas N’ Grass
At 10 a.m. on Thursday, the old Getty Mart on Warren Avenue in Portland was no longer just a gas station and convenience store. Under Maine’s new medical marijuana law, whi..

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