Iconic Florida Bar Will Be Converted Into Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Stratford’s, the oldest bar in Hollywood, Florida, will soon be converted into a medical marijuana dispensary, according to media reports. First opened in 1938, Stratford’s Bar moved to its current location east of Interstate 95 on Hollywood Boulevard in 1944. The tavern was purchased by Stadlen Family Holdings for $1.5 million on Jan. 28 and will be closing later this year. After the final last call, a cannabis dispensary will be setting up shop at the site.

The medical marijuana retailer will be a partnership between the Stadlen company and Harvest Health and Recreation Inc. of Arizona. Ben Kimbro, a spokesman for Harvest, said that the property will be restored.

“We’ve got this wonderful iconic building that’s in a gateway entry point to Hollywood,” Kimbro said. “We want to get that property back to its original intended glory.”

Joseph Stadlen of Stadlen Family Holdings said that Stratford’s would remain a Hollywood landmark.

“We are not tearing down the building. We’re restorin..

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